Most of the projects I've undertaken were in class, and to respect the work that the professors put into designing these projects, I will refrain from posting the code on any public repository which may render the assessment capabilities of these projects null and void - however, the code will be available upon request. For now, here are my descriptions of the projects!

TriniTranslate | Java

  • Objective: Takes a sentence written in Trinidadian Creole English and translates it to American Standard English
  • Thoughts: This project is in development, and is being done to teach myself the core of NLP and AI concepts as I progress through my classes/my readings. It's really inriguing to go through my ideas of attacking certain problems without seeing what has been done, and running into the problems/caveats of my choices. This is very much a work in progress, but one that takes up a lot of my coding time and energy and where I like to think all of my learnings from my CS and Linguistics classes converge.

My Website - | HTML/CSS

  • Objective: The idea for this website came from me really wanting to legitimize myself as a Computer Science major - I mean, which CS major doesn't have one?
  • Thoughts: Beyond this, however beyond that trivial reason, was to sort of "dive" head first into the world of web development, and teach myself CSS and HTML, and whatever I needed to make this website work as I want it to. It is very much a work in progress, so this section probably will be updated soon!

Music Editor | Java

  • Objective: Read and Play Music from pre-made txt files
  • Thoughts: This was a more interesting project - one that took a lot of my time and sanity. This was my first experience with the designing of a full project from scratch - i.e., I built the model for the system and a basic view for the controller using JavaFX. Along the way, I learnt a lot of new programming methods and patterns.

Coin Game | Java

  • Objective: Make the last move toward the "front" of the board. All three parts of the CVM was built for this game.
  • Thoughts: Relatively simple game to make, it was fun to do!

Whist | Java

  • Objective: To win the most hands. There are variants of this game, one in which there is a Trump card that takes precidence if played during a turn where it hasn't been played.
  • Thoughts: This project was a layer by layer building up, emphasizing the importance of considering visibility, design of elements, invariants, abstracting ideas away from the problem at hand and why these particular concepts allow for easy development..

Maze Game | Java

  • Objective: To make it through a randomly generated maze
  • Thoughts: This game was interesting to develop, mainly because there was need to use binary trees to build the maze etc. It was an interesting cross between what one learns in Discrete-type lectures, and its application into actual coding.
Code Not Available

Frogger | Racket

  • Objective: Make it across several streams, by jumping on logs that float from LTR and RTL
  • Thoughts: Building this was my first introduction into the world of "dynamic" or responsive programming, i.e., making programs that respond to input. This was relatively easy to do, notwithstanding the corner cases.
Code Not Available

Forbidden Island | Java

  • Objective: Make it to the helicopter/rebuild a helicopter before the island sinks with rising tides.
  • Thoughts: This is a game that I wish to never make again. I do appreciate the concepts that came along with it, though - i.e., The considerations that had to come into play when deciding how to render the 1024x1024 grid, deciding how to do that grid in the first place, and the high consideration of corner cases etc.
Code Not Available

Laundry Management | C

  • Objective: Create a system that makes a running record of transactions, receipt generation and stock management of an existing Laundry business.
  • Thoughts: This project was relatively simple, very administrative-like, and it was my first instance of directly interacting with files/writing to files.

Housing System | Pascal

  • Objective: Create a system that assigns houses/determines if someone qualifies for a house.
  • Thoughts: In retrospect, this was incredibly simple to do - equivalent of a few functions in Java or C, but it was the beginning of my introduction into programming so I think it's worthwhile putting here
Code Not Available

Tetris Game | Racket

  • Objective: Works exactly as normal tetris.
  • Thoughts: This was a difficult project to write in Racket, mainly because of posns, and figuring out how to code when blocks could "disappear" etc.
Code Not Available

OurNEU | Java w/Android Studio | Defunct

  • Objective: Create an Android app to navigate through myNEU - Collaboration with Alexander Kavourias
  • Thoughts: This project started, i.e., in a similar way to this website. I wanted to learn how to make android apps, so I started this. While I made the app, accessing the school's servers legally was another issue, so we decided to abandon the project

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